Pupils are ‘switched off’ to success

Pupils at Kirkby on Bain Primary School
Pupils at Kirkby on Bain Primary School

Pupils at a village primary school really have proved they are bright sparks.

Kirkby in Bain was one of 28 schools who signed up to take part in Lincolnshire County Council’s SCoRE Programme.

SCoRE, (the Schools Collaboration on Resource Efficiency) trains several pupils in each school to become Lincolnshire Carbon Ambassadors.

Thanks to the training, pupils are able to identify energy saving opportunities and implement behaviour change campaigns in their school.

The ‘Switch off Challenge’ is a chance for the LCAs to show off their knowledge on how to save energy.

Meter readings were taken at the start and end of the day, with the results compared to previous day readings.

The three winning schools with the largest percentage reduction were announced the following week.

Jonathan Parkin, SCoRE Project Officer said: “We visited several schools and met their Lincolnshire Carbon Ambassadors (LCA). Each school told us about their energy saving activities that they had been doing, which included making posters and teaching other pupils about saving energy.”

“ and one school even did a role-play on the importance of switching off. All of the schools who signed up really rose to the Challenge and demonstrated reductions in energy consumption, with different approaches to raising awareness.”

The winners of the switch off challenge, who won a day with Inspiring Outdoors, were Blyton cum Laughton Primary School who saved 74%. Caythorpe Primary School came second saving 71% winning £150 of LED bulbs. In third was Digby C of E Primary School winning £100 of LED bulbs saving 64%.

Lorna Batey, Assistant Head Teacher at Blyton primary school says:

“We were thrilled to have won the ‘Switch Off Challenge’ The Carbon Ambassadors last year saved the school a lot of money with their ‘energy saving’ initiatives which made it tough to beat this year, but we did it.

“We planned a big awareness campaign, spoke to teachers, pupils and parents and explained what we were aiming to do. We encouraged the teachers to plan for outdoor learning, and the children enjoyed a range of activities from drama and performance poetry to maths linked to percentages of energy used and saved. We took regular meter readings to calculate the amount of energy we were saving throughout the day.”

“We are now looking at how we can use solar power for heating and lighting in the future and we are excited about the possibilities we will gain from working with ‘Inspiring Outdoors’”

Heather Clement, Millfield Class Teacher of Caythorpe Primary School that came second says:

“The Switch off Challenge was an educational day that made us think about teaching without the use of electricity. It showed us just how much we rely on available power sources as well as how much we take them for granted! The children were very enthusiastic and did a fantastic job of monitoring members of staff to make sure computers stayed off. This was an amazing starting point for us to make our school eco-friendly and our prize will certainly help us to reach our goal!”

The Eco Warriors of Digby Church of England Primary School who came third said:

“It feels so terrific to win the £100 LED lights, we were amazed. The day before the event we put labels on photocopiers, microwaves and the dishwasher to remind people not to use them. We even asked the teachers not to use kettles but bring in a flask of tea. We can’t wait to do more activities like this!”

If you are a school in the Lincolnshire area and want to get involved, the bespoke SCoRE programme can be flexible to suit the needs of any school. Please email score@lincolnshire.gov.uk or contact Kate Taylor on 01522 552366.