‘Please Sir - can we have a new greenhouse?’ - Pupils plea after high winds do the damage

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Teachers are used to dealing with unusual requests from pupils.

But staff at Bucknall Primary School might be struggling after they were asked for... a new greenhouse.

Green-fingered pupils like nothing better than working in their very own greenhouse.

It had become a central - and popular - part of the school’s gardening projects, but pupils were heartbroken when it was badly damaged by gale force winds.

Headteacher Alison Simmons said the winds ‘picked up’ the greenhouse and ‘dumped’ it against a hedge.

She fears that if attempts are made to move the structure, it will collapse.

Mrs Simmons said: “I don’t think it can be repaired and the children are very disappointed.

“They are working towards their silver medal in the ‘Food for Life’ programme and the greenhouse contained a lot of equipment and various things they had grown, including herbs.”

The school is checking to see if the greenhouse was covered by insurance and Mrs Simmons is hoping to find a replacement as quickly as possible.