Phil and Kim cook up a tasty Thai treat at Banovallum

Banovallum pupils tuck in to tast Thai cuisine
Banovallum pupils tuck in to tast Thai cuisine

Thai-cooking star Phil Cantwell served up a five-star feast at Banovallum School last Friday.

Together with his assistant Kim Watts, he delighted 
Year 10 students with a range of delicious oriental delights.

Students tucked into both traditional Thai, meat and vegetable dishes including Thai chicken curry and an exquisite vegetarian stir fry.

Mr Cantwell, who owns the award winning Thai Dining Room in Horncastle, also taught the young chefs about Thai lifestyle and culture.

He lived in Thailand for around 30 years and said: “It’s important that students should learn about different religions and other ways of life.

“I really enjoyed the visit to Banovallum. The kids have been fantastic. They’ve interacted with us, asking loads of questions and have been really enthusiastic about the cooking, They’ve been brilliant.

Student Lois Venables said: “I will probably eat more Thai food now because I like all the variety as I normally just eat the same thing.”

Georgia Shepherd praised the two visiting chefs, saying: ”Yeah. it’s been amazing, It’s made me really enthusiastic to go to their restaurant now.”

Among a variety of delicious food, the over-whelming favourite with students was the Thai fish cakes in a sweet chilli sauce which lived up to it’s reputation.

The demonstration was an overwhelming success and the only disappointment was that he won’t be coming back for seconds.