Parents under fire over parking issues

St Hugh's School - at the centre of calls for more considerate parking in Woodhall spa
St Hugh's School - at the centre of calls for more considerate parking in Woodhall spa

Parish councillors in Woodhall Spa have written to a local preparatory school in a bid to solve long-standing parking problems.

The council has received complaints about vehicles parking in the vicinity of St Hugh’s Preparatory School.

At this month’s meeting of the council, resident Paul Sixsmith raised the issue again.

Mr Sixsmith, who lives at Arnhem Way, said parking was a particular problem at the start and finish of the school days.

He said some vehicles double parked and that meant children were opening car doors directly into the road.

He claimed vehicles had ruined grass verges and had knocked down and damaged bollards which were supposed to stop parking.

Mr Sixsmith also said vehicles had reversed into and even parked in his own private driveway.

Mr Sixsmith said he had complained to the school - without success.

He added he understood there were parking facilities at the school but said people appeared not to want to use them.

He told councillors: “The parking is laziness by people who don’t think about residents or the safety of their children.

“It is chaos most mornings - and again in the evening.

“Double parking is an accident waiting to happen.”

Council chairman David Clarke said they were aware of the problems and were waiting for a reply to a letter they had sent to the school.

He added: “There are issues over parking. I live fairly close to the school and sometimes when you are trying to get out of Grove Road, you are taking your life in your hand because of all the parked cars.

Coun Clark told Mr Sixsmith that the council was prepared to take the matter further, if the reply from the school was not satisfactory.