Parents are told to stop swearing in playground of Horncastle school


Parents of pupils at Horncastle Community Primary School have been asked to moderate their language on school premises.

In his weekly newsletter posted on the school website, headteacher Steve Bladon praises pupils for their roles in a number of end-of-term activities, including Sport Relief.

However, Mr Bladon says there are a ‘couple of matters’ which have been brought to his attention regarding parents and their supervision of children on school grounds.

He says: “I have had several formal complaints about bad language being used by parents on the playground. It is reasonable to expect that our pupils are not exposed to bad/inappropriate language when on school premises.”

Mr Bladon adds he is concerned about the behaviour of a minority of pupil seen climbing school fences and riding bikes and scooters in a ‘rather dangerous fashion’ - before and after school

He adds: “I’m sorry to have to even mention these things but please ensure your children are behaving appropriately. This is for everybody’s safety.”