GCSE Results: Excellent set of results at Banovallum School, in Horncastle

Amy Bachlor and Niamh Bruntlett.
Amy Bachlor and Niamh Bruntlett.

Staff and students of Banovallum School are celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results this year.

Headteacher, Grant Edgar said:“This represents a tremendous achievement by all the staff and students at Banovallum.

Students at Banovallum School with their results. EMN-180823-115302001

Students at Banovallum School with their results. EMN-180823-115302001

“This year’s GCSEs were always going to be a challenge for the current Year 11 as it was the first year in which virtually all of the subjects being taught were brand new specifications, unfamiliar to both staff and students.

“I am proud of the way in which both students and staff have risen to the challenge of the reformed GCSEs and these results are testimony to all the hard work that has been put in over the last two years by all concerned.

“In terms of pass rates, all subjects have at least held their own in terms of comparing with last year’s performances.

“Eleven subjects have actually improved their pass rates on last year.

All smiles for a group of students. EMN-180823-115323001

All smiles for a group of students. EMN-180823-115323001

“An incredible achievement when one considers the reduction in coursework and the number and length of exams the students sat this year.

“These results will mean that our students will be able to begin the next step of their educational journey or their working life with the right skills and the confidence to go on and achieve great things.

“I would like to publicly thank all the staff who gave up their free time at weekends and during the school holidays as well as at lunchtimes and after school to work with and support the students with their GCSEs.

“It is a true indication of the drive and passion the staff have for securing the best possible outcomes for the students at Banovallum.”

Under the new grading system, subjects have been marked from Grades 1-9, with a standard pass being a Grade 4 and a strong pass being a Grade 5.

There were a number of exceptional performances at Banovallum with Henry Burgess securing four Grade 9s (equivalent of top bandA*) in Geography, Maths and Double Science. Other notable performances came from Amy Bachelor who achieved a Grade 9 (equivalent of top band A*) in Geography, as well as outstanding results in her other subjects. Georgia Everton, Jamie-Leigh Dixon, Joshua Chapman, Daniel Zachar, Jason Sellers, Eden Norton, Emma Leggate and Lauren Grantham secured mostly Grades 7 (equivalent of an A) and above in their exams.

• All pictures by freelance photographer John Aron.

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