Councillor calls for school meals action

Councillor Colin Mair who is calling for action on better school meals
Councillor Colin Mair who is calling for action on better school meals

A prominent councillor has called for a complete overhaul of the county’s school meals system amid claims rural schools are missing out.

Coun Colin Mair, the UKIP leader on Lincolnshire County Council, describes the current system as ‘unfair and unjust.’

He revealed he has received complaints from parents who say their children are regularly coming home from school hungry.

Coun Mair, who represents the Tattershall Castle Ward, said he has witnessed some schools serving up “crispy pizza and a few chips” as the main meal of the day.

He told the News: “I am not blaming the schools because they are doing their very best with very limited resources.

“However, the system clearly isn’t working in some schools, especially in rural areas like villages around Coningsby and Tattershall.”

Coun Mair explained schools pay the equivalent of £240 for each school meal served to a pupil.

He said that means larger schools are in a much stronger position when it comes securing a better quality and variety of meals.

He added: “It’s wrong that meals are being cooked elsewhere and then ferried 20 or 30 miles to individual schools.”

Coun Mair has extensive experience and qualifications in the food industry.

He said: “It’s worrying a lot of kids aren’t getting a balanced diet. It comes down to money but that can’t be right.”