Coningsby Primary School much improved says Ofsted

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A primary school has come on in leaps and bounds but could still do better, according to Government inspectors.

Coningsby Primary School was given a “Requires Improvement” rating when last visited in November 2012 by Ofsted, but a recent inspection in July this year found it had upped its ranking to “Good.”

“During the relatively short time since its last inspection the school has improved dramatically,” the latest Ofsted report found.“Standards in reading, writing and mathematics are broadly average. Pupils in all year groups, including early years foundation stage, are making good and some instances outstanding progress.

“Teaching is good, lessons capture pupils’ interest with work that is well matched to their varying needs. The basic skills of literacy and numeracy are taught well.

“Pupils work hard in lessons and the majority behave well for most of the time. The school’s arrangements to keep pupils safe are good. Pupil’s personal development and their spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development are good.

“School leaders and governors are working effectively to sustain the good pupil progress and good teaching. They know precisely what is needed to make things even better and are determined to do so.”

Inspectors claimed that the school is close to being “outstanding” but inspectors were a little concerned about some issues.

They said standards and progress in writing, while improving, does lag behind those in reading and maths and a small number of pupils who struggle to behave well at lunchtime need to be brought to book as this is of some concern to parents.

“Attendance has gone from below average to above average because pupils now find the school interesting, enjoyable and too good to miss.”