A happy return at Banovallum!

Students at Horncastle’s Banovallum School have already received top marks from headteacher Grant Edgar after an impressive start to the new academic year.

Mr Edgar described students as a ‘credit to themselves and to their parents’.

He thanked parents for ‘maintaining high uniform standards’.

He also revealed new Year 7 students had settled in well and was full of praise for students returning in other year groups.

According to Mr Edgar, Year 7 students impressed in their first few days at ‘big school’.

They put aside their nerves about getting lost and meeting new people and ‘got fully immersed in life’ at Banovallum.

Their first day involved re-familiarising themselves with the layout of the school and learning about what was involved with topics as varied as: when, where and how to queue for lunch, to what to do in the event of a fire drill.

They also worked with prefects and the school’s pastoral staff on conflict resolution and positive relationships in what was a packed but rewarding day.

Mr Edgar said: “Our new Year 7 students have been a credit to themselves and their parents in their first few days.

“They have approached everything we have asked them to do with enthusiasm and a really positive attitude.

“They have been happy to step out of their comfort zone and try activities which they may have never tried before.

“Speaking as a parent, I know how nerve-wracking the first day at school can be.

“I also remember how I felt this time last year on my first day at Banovallum!

“I would like to pay tribute to the staff and prefects for making the first few days go as smoothly for the new students as possible.”

‘Older’ Banovallum students returned the following day and again, Mr Edgar was full of praise.

He said: “I have been delighted with the attitude shown by all the students on their return to school.

“All years have returned to school with a real focus on achieving their best.

“I would like to pay tribute to how well the Year 11 students have resumed their GCSE courses.

“They have made a great start and if they maintain this level of commitment to their studies, they will be rewarded with an excellent set of results in the summer.

“I would also like to thank all parents for their support with maintaining the high uniform standards. The students have looked extremely smart and they are a credit to themselves and the school.”