East Lindsey District Council seeks views on new homes

East Lindsey District Council headquarters
East Lindsey District Council headquarters

East Lindsey District Council is asking for local residents to air their views and help produce the council’s “Core Strategy”, detailing where new homes could be built within the district and how many should be built.

The housing target – the number of houses to be built - must show that ELDC can meet the housing needs of the district for the next 15 years, that it is flexible and able to cope with any unexpected change such as an upsurge in the economy, and that the coastal flood risk has been taken into account.

When looking at where these houses will be built, ELDC is proposing to move away from its previous policy of ‘dispersal’ and instead allocate housing within the most sustainable inland larger settlements in the district, away from areas of high flood risk and where there are services and facilities to support this growth.

Any proposals for housing within the district would still have to go through the council’s planning process.

Portfolio Holder with responsibility for Planning, Councillor Craig Leyland, said: “Planning for the growth of the district creates some important issues and challenges for both the community and the council, but by taking this new approach I hope it will assist us in protecting the important rural character of our smaller settlements while enabling us to fulfil our obligations within the National Planning Policy Framework.”

Residents can have their say on East Lindsey District Council’s proposals between May 9 and June 23. The following website will go live on May 9: www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/housinggrowth

For any queries on this consultation contact the Planning Policy team on 01507 601111 (extensions 3147, 3140, 3143 or 3141).