Duo want to help people in Louth and surrounding areas become debt free

Co-founders of Forces Investments, Dene Josham and James Mason.
Co-founders of Forces Investments, Dene Josham and James Mason.

A pair of financial business experts who have helped servicemen and women solve debt issues are now offering free support and advice to everyone.

Forces Investments business co-founders Dene Josham and James Mason, have backgrounds in the Armed Forces.

Mr Josham, from Louth, served in the Royal Marines but an injury meant he had to start a new career.”

He linked up with Mr Mason and the duo utilised their links to help forces’ personnel.

It proved to be a popular venture and now the pair are keen to expand.

Mr Josham said: “We want to help as many people as we can by giving them better financial education so they can get themselves out of debt or become totally self sufficient.

“Debt is a big issue that effects many people.

“I feel it’s something that they should be teaching in schools.”

The pair both say many people encounter debt problems at this time of year after over-spending at Christmas.

Mr Mason, who retired from the-Army, said the pair now want to branch out and help people living in the Louth area.

Mr Mason added: “We don’t do the work for you.

“Howver, we give you the right education needed to enable you to take that step forward and make the right financial choices that will steer you away from debt.

“We both have a big passion for helping people and have had a lot of success in what we do.”

To find out further details, visit: http://forcesinvestments.co.uk or find them on Facebook.