Drivers would back calls for 40mph on Jubilee Way

At the limnit - is 30mph right for Jubilee Way? EMN-151223-151511001
At the limnit - is 30mph right for Jubilee Way? EMN-151223-151511001

Residents in Horncastle have given a mixed reaction to suggestions the speed limit on Jubilee Way should be increased to 40mph.

The News revealed last week that a community speed sign had registered 179,742 vehicles on Jubilee Way in a 30-day period in October - and 152,781 were exceeding the existing 30mph limit.

Town councillors were told the figures effectively mean 85 per cent of drivers were breaking the limit.

However, police and officials from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership played down the significance of the statistics.

They said because there had been no reports of any accidents - or complaints from the public - there were no plans to bring in extra enforcement.

John Siddle, from the Road Safety Partnership, suggested the road was more suited to a 40mph limit.

Car owner Steve Mullaney said he agreed with Mr Siddle.

He added: “It’s really difficult keeping to 30 on Jubilee Way - especially when it’s quiet.

“It’s a quick road, well lit and there are no houses so I don’t see why it can’t be 40.”

Linda Nelson added: “I think increasing would be sensible.

“Mind you, for half the year, you are lucky to do 10mph on that road because of holiday traffic!”

Mike Taylor said it was up to police to enforce the regulations.

He explained: “I recently got a ticket for doing 34 in a 30 zone in Lincoln.

“I’m angry because thousands of drivers have got away with speeding in Horncastle.

“If it’s 30 it’s 30. You can’t just drive at 40 because it’s a decent road.”

Mum-of-two Lizzie Arnott said the limit should stay at 30 to make it safer for pedestrians.

She explained. “You don’t feel safe on the pavement, especially with children, because a lot of cars are driving too fast. Big lorries are really close to you and you almost get sucked onto the road as they pass.

“I use the pedestrian crossing near the old school and you worry sometimes whether cars and lorries are going to stop.”

Sarah Lovett agreed, adding: “If you put the limit up, drivers would go even quicker. It would be more dangerous.”

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