Do you recognise these lost baby photographs

Do you recognise these baby photos found in Horncastle? EMN-150427-144212001
Do you recognise these baby photos found in Horncastle? EMN-150427-144212001

The images of the smiling, angelic faces say everything...but a mum from Woodhall Spa would just like to know who they are.

Maria Toulson spotted two photograph frames when she visited a Drop In Centre in Horncastle.

They were ideal for her home in Woodhall Spa.

When she got home, Maria put the frames to one side. It was only when she started to pack to move to her new home in Tattershall that she spotted the two photographs (pictured right).

They are of a smiling baby and Maria has turned to the News for help to re-unite the photographs with the parents.

She said: “As a mum myself, I know how important photographs are.

“These must belong to someone and when they took them to the Drop In Centre they probably forget to remove them.

“It would be great if someone comes forward and claims them.

“They just mean a lot to someone. I’d be gutted if they were photos of my kids which I’d left behind.”

Maria has no idea who the baby is.

She believes they could be two different babies - or perhaps even twins.

She added: “They look very alike but in one of the photos, the baby is dressed in blue and in the other, the baby is wearing a pink dress.

“They might be brother or sister - or twins.”

Maria obtained the frames just before Christmas.

She explained: “I just spotted them in the Drop In Centre and thought they looked really nice.

“When I got them home, I put them to one side and it was only when I started to pack things up to move house that I spotted the photos.”

*Do you know who the baby is? Call in at the News at Church Street, Horncastle, to claim the photographs.