District Council - ‘We will take action to stop fly-tipping’

A three piece suite was left in a passing place near Goulceby.
A three piece suite was left in a passing place near Goulceby.

East Lindsey District Council insists it will prosecute fly-tipping offenders - but stresses it needs evidence to take anyone to court.

The News has received several complaints about rubbish being dumped in rural locations.

The latest incident occurred a couple of weeks ago when a three piece suite was left in a passing place near Goulceby.

Residents are claiming incidents of fly-tipping are increasing in the Horncastle area and say one of the reasons is offenders know they will escape legal action.

However, an ELDC’s Portfolio Holder for Operational Services, Coun Sandra Harrison, refuted those claims.

She told the News: “We can confirm that the level of fly tips being reported hasn’t increased recently.

“The level remains at a constant.

“We urge anyone who witnesses or finds fly tipped items to contact our Enforcement Team on 01507 601111 or online at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/fly tipping.

“Fly tipping is irresponsible and we will take action against anyone caught.”

Regarding the incident near Goulceby, a district council spokeswoman said: “This case was reported to us on the evening of April 23.

“The case was submitted as “not witnessed” meaning that the information was sent straight to our Neighbourhoods team for collection.

“The three piece suite was collected within two days on April 25.

“ Unfortunately, there was no evidence and so our Enforcement team could not investigate this fly tipping further.

“Any reports where the incident has been witnessed, or where cases have evidence, are sent through to our Enforcement team and are fully investigated.”

A resident near Goulceby described fly-tipping as ‘totally unacceptable.’

He said: “This behaviour by irresponsible members of the public is deplorable and totally unacceptable.

“ The location is in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

“There are adequate waste disposal facilities nearby provided free of charge by the local authority. It’s inexcusable. The reprobates concerned should be ashamed of themselves.

“This is one of many similar examples of fly tipping in the area. I hope offenders will realise the environmental consequences of their actions and have more respect for the countryside in the future. “