David retires from Horncastle’s Voluntary Car Service - and it’s been an ‘honour’

Hand over: Outgoing coordinator David Platt (left) with his successor Stewart Attwood. Photo: Bob Wayne
Hand over: Outgoing coordinator David Platt (left) with his successor Stewart Attwood. Photo: Bob Wayne

After an unprecedented 20 years, David Platt has put the ‘brakes’ on his time as coordinator of Horncastle’s Voluntary Car Service (VCS).

The VCS involves volunteers who use their own cars to transport patients and their families to hospitals, doctors, dentists, care homes and specialists.

Mr P{att, who was awarded the British Empire Medal in the 2015 Queen’s Birthday Honours, has served as the VCS coordinator for 20 years.

Fellow volunteer Bob Wayne said Mr Platt has decided to quit ‘while he’s ahead’.

Mr Platt will be succeeded by his deputy, Stewart Atwood.

Mr Wayne added: “The job of coordinator brings little glory, simply a steady stream of telephone calls.

“He never complains. He is a great organiser and, as many people know to their cost, is quite incapable of taking no for an answer, especially when raffle tickets are to be sold!

“He will be a difficult act to follow but I’m sure Stewart will also do a first class job.”

The Horncastle CVS is recognised as one of the best in the county.

Volunteers describe themselves as ‘amateur taxi drivers’ but their commitment has led to many long-term friendships.

Mr Platt, ably supported by his wife Dorothy, has manned the telephone, taking patient details and finding an available driver.

The service covers Horncastle and surrounding villages - offering a lifeline to many people.

There are around 30 volunteers but drivers retiring and moving out of the area means newcomers are always welcome.

Mr Plattsaid: “The rewards can be immense for the drivers and life changing for patients.

“I’ve really enjoyed it. It isn’t onerous, often it is no more than two trips a month.”

Drivers need to have their own cars and be subject to a vetting process. Passengers make a contribution to cover car running costs.

Prospective new drivers - and patients - can contact 015o7 526961 or email stewartattwood@googlemail.co for details.