Daniel is ready to ‘crack’ his big charity mission

Ready for the off
Ready for the off

A local businessman is gearing up for an ‘eggs-hilrating’ challenge - climbing to the highest point in South Africa- the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Daniel Fairbairn is managing director of Lincolnshire based company LJ Fairburn - one of the biggest suppliers of fresh eggs in the UK, which has facilities in Belchford and Woodhall Spa.

Going up in the world - the Fairburns team with some of their fellow workers

Going up in the world - the Fairburns team with some of their fellow workers

Next month, the 37-year-old father of three will lead a nine strong team from Fairbairns - and their suppliers - on a charity mission.

They are aiming to raise a staggering £35,000 in sponsorship from the climb for ‘Food for Good’, a campaign undertaken by the UK food industry to raise funds for the charity Farm Africa.

The charity is working to find permanent solutions to tackling hunger in eastern Africa.

Fortunately, Daniel is already fit thanks to regular running and football, as well as the physical demands of his work.

But to give himself a further fitness edge, Daniel has bought a ‘stepper’ machine. He’s jumping on it at every available opportunity - much to the amusement of his colleagues.

Daniel, whose wife Sarah Louise also works in the family business, has never been to Africa or competed in a charity fundraising challenge.

He said: “I’m really proud that as a company we’ve taken on such a daunting challenge.

“A huge amount of hard work has gone into building up the company that my grandfather founded over fifty years ago.

“Part of this climb is about celebrating everything we’ve achieved, but it’s also about sharing our success and giving something back.”

Daniel will have added reason to celebrate as his son, Jim, will be celebrating his second birthday during the ascent.