Cross here...but apparently not in the Bull Ring!

The Bull Ring
The Bull Ring

Residents in Horncastle have been told there is little chance of a pedestrian crossing in the Bull Ring.

Town councillor Matthew Wilkinson says the crossing would encourage more people to walk to school.

Speaking at this month’s town council meeting, Coun Wilkinson said an increasing amount of traffic meant it was difficult for parents with children to cross the Bull Ring on their way to the town’s prim ary school off Bowl Alley Lane.

He asked whether councillors had ever considered asking for a crossing to be installed.

Town mayor and county councillor Bill Aron told Coun Wilkinson: “We nearly managed to get one near the Admiral Rodney (Hotel) but there were quite a lot of objections so they (the County Council) did not go ahead with it.

“I don’t think the chances of a crossing in the Bull Ring are very good but you never know. I will take it up with county.”

Town and district councillor Fiona Martin said authorities were often reluctant to put in crossings because they ‘disrupted the flow of traffic’.

Coun Brian Burbidge suggested the most important factor should be the safety of pedestrians - and not traffic issues.

Councillors were told a new crossing could be installed in Spilsby Road as part of planning conditions for a nearby housing development.