Woman accused of drink driving with children in vehicle

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Police in Horncastle have condemned a 39-year-old woman after she allegedly drove a car while drunk - with two young children as passengers.

Rebecca Jody Goodwin, of Pony Lane, Tattershall Bridge, was stopped by police after a road traffic accident in the Coningsby area last week.

Officers discovered Goodwin was accompanied by two children - one aged three and the other aged eight.

A police spokesman told the News: “All drink drive offences are unwelcome but this is particularly shocking.

“To be almost three times over the limit with two young children in your car is unbelievable.”

A breathalyser reading showed Goodwin had 93 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath nearly three times over the legal limit of 35.

She was arrested and charged with drink driving - and driving without a valid licence. Goodwin spent the night in police cells and will appear before magistrates in Skegness on Christmas Eve.

Anyone convicted of drink driving could be sent to prison, depending on the circumstances of the offence. Fines of up to £5,000 can be imposed.

Drunk drivers will automatically be banned for 12 months and the offence will remain in their licence for 11 years.

The revelation surrounding Goodwin coincided with the start of Lincolnshire Police’s new Christmas crackdown on drink and drug driving.

The campaign runs from December 1 to January 1 with roadside tests being carried out during the mornings, evenings and night time.

As well as breathalyser checks, there will be additional checks on any suspected of driving under the influence of drugs.

Police are also asking for members of the public to report anyone they suspect of driving while drunk to Crimestoppers.

The campaign is backed by Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership and features the message: ’Drinking and Driving? Don’t wreck Christmas!’

So far this year, two people have died on Lincolnshire’s road in drink-related incidents while 69 people have been injured - 13 of them seriously.

Lincolnshire Police test more than 12,000 drivers every year and more than 800 have been prosecuted in 2013.