Warning over ‘scam’ Euro Millions postcode lottery


Lincolnshire Trading Standards is urging people to be aware of an international postcode lottery ‘scam’ circulating the area.

The Standard was contacted yesterday by a local resident who had received a letter purporting to be from the ‘EuroMillions People’s International Postcode Lottery’.

The letter, headed with the National Lottery’s Euro Millions logo, claims the recipient has won £720,000 and urges him to make a claim by calling a phone number.

“I have not long recovered from a stroke, and this has been worrying me all week,” said the man, who asked not to be named.

“I have never entered this lottery and I think it’s a scam. I want to warn other people not to fall for this either.”

The letter warns the recipient: “Please to help us proceed with your claims, this information must be kept away from public to avoid unwarranted abuse of the program or fraudulent acts from criminal minded and unauthorized person(s).”

The Standard showed the letter to Lincolnshire Trading Standards.

Andy Wright, principal trading standards officer, said: “This certainly looks like scam mail. Lotteries/ prize draws are common types of postal scams. You may receive a letter congratulating you on winning a cash prize. Usually you’ll be given a number to call, but if you do, you’ll be asked to pay a fee or buy goods before the prize is ‘released’. But you won’t receive any prize, and you may be asked to pay further increasing fees or to call a premium rate number.

“Our advice is do not respond to these letters. A genuine lottery won’t ever ask you to pay a fee to collect your winnings. If you have received one of these letters, or if you feel you have been conned, call Action Fraud immediately on 0300 1232040.”