VIDEO: Horncastle Police crackdown on town car park ASB

Horncastle Police have joined forces with East Lindsey District Council to combat anti-social behaviour in town centre car parks.

Police have confirmed they have received complaints from residents about incidents in car parks owned by ELDC at Tesco, The Wong, Market Place and St Lawrence Street.

Horncastle PCSO Nigel Wass and Christine Yates, ELDC's Anti-Social Behaviour officer

Horncastle PCSO Nigel Wass and Christine Yates, ELDC's Anti-Social Behaviour officer

Together with anti social behaviour (ASB) officers from ELDC, police are warning they will take strong action against offenders.

Notices have been put up at all the car parks, outlining rules for users.

Legislation introduced two years ago prohibits the use of car parks for:

*selling of goods and services

*horns or other instruments

*driving vehicles other than for the purpose of leaving vehicles in a parking place/or to depart from the parking place

*lighting - or causing or permitting to be lit - any fire

*wantonly shouting or otherwise making any loud noise to the disturbance or annoyance of users of the parking place or residents of premises in the neighbourhood

*using threatening, abusive or insulting language, gestures or conduct with intent to put any person in fear of a breach of the peace.

Horncastle based PSCO Nigel Wass said: “We have had reports. ASB can be annoying, intimidating and distressing to other car park users - and to people living close to them.

“People should not have to put up with it.”

Christine Yates, ELDC’s ASB officer, welcomed the initiative.

She said: “It is a problem and we are determined to help nip it in the bud.”

Officers already patrol town car parks on a regular basis.

As well as prosecuting offenders, police also have the power to seize vehicles.

Officers are urging people to report any instances of ASB to the 101 number or, alternatively, to ELDC’s ASB officers on 01507 613095.