Unattended cars break the law and could be stolen, police warn

Police news.
Police news.

Officers are urging people to be aware when leaving cars running and unattended in the morning that they are breaking the law and could have their vehicle stolen by opportunist thieves.

Lincolnshire Police PCSO Jason Possnett sent out a Lincs Alert this morning which said: “It has been brought to my attention that many people still start their vehicles and leave them unattended to allow the vehicle to warm up on frosty mornings.

“Please be aware that there are persons that are looking for this opportunity to take the vehicle whilst the vehicle is unattended and running.

“As yet there have not been any recent reports of this happening in our area but feel we all at times need a reminder to be vigilant.”

The Lincs Police Specials account (@LincsSpecials) also retweeted a warning from Nottinghamshire PC Adam Pace.

Mr Pace said: “If you need to de-mist your car tomorrow. Please DONT leave it running and unattended. It’s an offence and it may be stolen! #Police”

According to the MET Office, Lincolnshire still currently has yellow warnings for snow and ice across the county, valid until 11am this morning (Sunday).

To keep updated visit: www.metoffice.gov.uk