Tattershall man leaves court before sentencing for assault

Court news
Court news

Magistrates at Boston have issued an arrest warrant for a Tattershall man who absconded from court before he could be sentenced on an assault charge.

Earlier in the morning, Tarot Keaveny, 23, who gave a care of address in Cromwell Place, had admitted assaulting Jason Backhouse by beating on May 10, and magistrates had put the case down for Keaveny to be interviewed by the Probation Service before sentencing later in the morning.

The court had heard that Mr Backhouse had arrived at Eusden Court in Tattershall to collect his girlfriend who had been visiting her parents and had parked his car.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace said Mr Backhouse saw Keaveny, who was carrying a stick, shouting at him: “Come on then, fat lad, let’s be having you.”

She said Keaveny approached Mr Backhouse and hit him on the back, breaking the stick and then followed him, still shouting, and then hit him in the face and grabbed him by both arms around his shoulders.

Ms Stace said both men fell to the floor before Mr Backhouse’ girlfriend and her mother were able to break it up.

She said that in interview, Keaveny admitted he knew the victim and that he thought he had given him a ‘smug look’ and he had got angry.

The magistrates told Keaveny not to leave the court building until he had been back in court following an interview with a probation officer but later in the morning they heard that, following his interview, he had gone from the court saying he wasn’t staying and that they could send him the sentence in the post.

The magistrates issued the arrest warrant without bail.