Talk to mark 2014 Safer Internet Day

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This year’s Safer Internet Day is taking place on Tuesday February 11 and Horncastle police have organised a presentation at Banovallum School to mark the occasion.

Safer Internet Day is a national event organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre to promote the safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones for children and young people.

In support of the campaign, the Horncastle Neighbourhood Policing Team will give a presentation to parents and young people at Banovallum School at 6.30pm on Monday February. 10

“Parents naturally want to do all they can to ensure their children are safe in all aspects of life”, said PCSO Nigel Wass.

“Knowing what advice to give, or what signs to look out for when their children are online, can be a challenge for parents, especially if they’re not computer users themselves.”

Anyone wishing to attend can book a place by calling the school on 01507 522232 or by calling PCSO Wass on 07939 312724 or email