Scheme saddling up to help Lincolnshire Police tackle rural crime

Rural Rangers
Rural Rangers

A new scheme will see horse riders working with Lincolnshire police to help combat rural crime.

The Rural Rangers scheme is part of our Lincolnshire Horse Watch initiatives and will run across the whole county.

A police spokesman said: “Horse riders are ideally placed as they go about their day to day riding activities to have an informed understanding of their local community.

“We are looking to engage with these riders and invite them to become part of our Rural Rangers Scheme.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire Marc Jones is supporting the scheme.

He said: “A crucial element of my work is to encourage partners to work together to help keep our residents safe.

“This scheme is an excellent way to give people an opportunity, and the necessary training and tools, to safeguard their own communities.

“They will be extra eyes and ears and will be able to look out for everything from fly tipping to suspicious behaviours. “I am delighted to be able to support the scheme and am confident this is a very worthwhile investment.”

What does it mean to be a member of the Rural Rangers Scheme?

Membership of the Rural Rangers Scheme is for horse owners who will undertake normal riding activities whilst at the same time being mindful of their participation in the scheme.

They will ride their privately owned horses and will not be expected to ride in any area that they are not familiar with or for which the horse is unsuited.

Main Responsibilities:

To be on the lookout for criminal activity, antisocial behaviour and other issues of concern whilst on their regular hacks,

To provide the police and relevant agencies with regular information and updates through specified contact points,

Certain requirements will be made of individuals wishing to join to allow the police to make a reasoned risk assessment and manage the processes of the scheme effectively.

These will include:

All participants must be over 18 years of age,

Must be willing to provide personal details to Rural Rangers Scheme (these will be retained for the purposes of the scheme only, and will be destroyed if you leave the scheme and not used for any other purpose),

Must be a careful and competent rider, aware of and riding in accordance with the guidelines in the Highway Code,

Will ride their own horses at their own expense and have insurance to do so.

For further details on the scheme and for an application pack, contact Lincolnshire Horse Watch Manager Gill Finn by email at, giving your name, address and contact details.