Restorative justice for four youths who vandalised Coningsby skate park

Allan Barker Recreation Ground Coningsby graffiti
Allan Barker Recreation Ground Coningsby graffiti

Four young people, who admitted being responsible for spraypainting park equipment in Coningsby, have been dealt with by Restorative Justice.

The four, aged 12, 13, and 17, sprayed graffiti on the ramps at the skate park in the Alan Barker playing field during the school holidays last summer.

As well as each writing an open letter of apology to the council and the public, each of the young people has paid £25 towards the cost of the specialised cleaning, and has also had to complete a number of hours litter-picking each week.

PCSO Alison Evans, from Coningsby, Tattershall and Woodhall Neighbourhood Policing Team, said, “So far, the boys have completed a litter pick of the whole of the Alan Barker playing field, including the perimeter which was especially bad, with a shocking number of dog waste bags discarded in the hedge.

“Members of the local community have been really supportive about the use of Restorative Justice in this case and, when they have seen us out supervising the children, they have commented on how pleased they are to see the system at work”.

In addition to the playing field itself, litter has been collected from the garden of a house which backs onto the playing field, the footpath between the Alan Barker and School lane, the play area in School Lane, Coningsby St Michaels churchyard and the RAF quarters estate. This week they will be doing the river bank between Coningsby and Tattershall.

PCSO Evans added, “It’s very disappointing that dog-owners clear up after their pets but then just throw the bags in the hedge and we’ve been shocked at how common this practice appears to be.

“Please be a responsible owner and put the bags in the bins provided.”