Police praise for town project

PSCO Nigel Wass (left) and PC Dave Mills with residents at the drop-in session last Saturday
PSCO Nigel Wass (left) and PC Dave Mills with residents at the drop-in session last Saturday

Police officers in Horncastle believe a pioneering ‘meet the public’ scheme should be rolled out across other communities.

Town-based PCSO Nigel Wass launched the public sessions called ‘Come and Spill the Beans’ at Joff’s Coffee House last month.

The latest session was held last Saturday and PCSO Wass said they were proving to be popular with the public.

He explained: “People certainly seem a lot happier popping into a less formal location like a coffee house than they do perhaps a police station.

“We’re delighted with how popular the sessions are.

“It’s a chance for people to tell us what their concerns are. We’ve had some very good feedback - and some useful information.

“We’re not talking major crimes but every little helps.

“It has been a success. I can’t see why other towns can’t use the same sort of idea.”

PSCO Wass revealed other organisations - including LIVES - had expressed an interest in attending the coffee house sessions which he believes could develop into a wider community-based project.

LIVES, for example, will have a representative at the next session on Saturday, June 20, and the organisation hopes to sign up new First Responders.

PCSO Wass will continue to hold other public sessions but believes the concept of ‘Come Spill the Beans’ could be the way ahead, particularly in rural towns.

He is backed by coffee shop owner Jonathan Ferrari who described the project as a tremendous idea.

Mr Ferrari, who recently joined Horncastle Town Council, said: “We get a lot of customers coming in and asking when the next session is.

“Like PSCO Wass says, people seem happier in a less formal setting.

“Where better than a coffee house. People love to talk. Anything that helps make Horncastle a safer place is fine by me.”

The sessions are advertised in the media, on Horncastle police’s Twitter feed and on notices in Joff’s window.

Meanwhile, the Coningsby, Tattershall and Woodhall Spa Neighbourhood Policing Team are joining forces with RAF Police to host weekly surgeries.

The drop in surgeries will be held every Wednesday morning, from 9.30am until 11.30am at the newly refurbished community centre on Clinton Park, Tattershall.

PCSO Alison Evans said: “We will be available for crime prevention advice, property marking, and also for listening to local residents’ concerns.

“Anyone wishing to report a matter can also visit us at the surgery.”

and we expect the padre from the base will be joining us as well”.

The sessions begin on Wednesday 17th and will continue weekly, including throughout the school holidays, when parents and children will have the opportunity to have bikes security marked and learn more about topics such as internet and personal safety.