Police appeal to community after anti social behaviour in Horncastle


Horncastle Police are appealing for a ‘community response’ after a spate of anti-social behaviour in the town on Monday night (January 6).

Police have confirmed they received several reports including:

• a fire being lit outside a charity shop

• cars being vandalised

• a pensioner’s home window being smashed

• a firecracker thrown into a takeaway

• fireworks being let off in the Stanhope Hall area.

PCSO Nigel Wass told the News that officers were checking CCTV images and already had a ‘strong lead’ about the identity of one of the people allegedly involved.

PCSO Wass went on to appeal for the community to come forward and pass on any information they might have to help identify the offenders.

He said: “We have had half-a-dozen reports of anti social behaviour at or around 11pm on Monday evening.

“It is unusual for Horncastle and we are hoping the community will rally round and support us in trying to identify those responsible.

“We are looking at CCTV images and we have already identified one possible offender and will be following up on that.”

PCSO Wass said officers also planned to visit local schools to talk to students about the consequences of ASB.

The damaged cars included vehicles in Hodson Green and Ingram Row.

It is understood wing-mirrors were ripped off and a car windscreen smashed.

PCSO Wass also confirmed a firecracker was thrown into Little Ceasar’s takeaway.

Residents have claimed a gang of youths were responsible for the incidents and say they were spotted in the area of the main bus stop in the Market Place at various times in the evening.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue confirmed a crew from Horncastle had attended a wheelie bin fire outside the Red Cross charity shop in the town centre.

They say the fire caused damage to the section of window but there were no casualties.

Several posts on the Horncastle Community Facebook page call for strong action to be taken against the offenders.

Some residents are calling for anyone involved to be named and shamed.

They claim several small fires had been lit and could have led to more damage and threatened residents in flats above shop premises.

Residents say they are also concerned about police resources in the Horncastle area.