Police appeal over glass


Horncastle police say someone could have been seriously injured after shards of glass were left on a school football pitch.

PCSO Nigel Wass said broken beer bottles were discovered on the pitch at Banovallum School.

He revealed some pieces of glass had been ‘imbedded’ in the ground and were pointing upwards.

PCSO Wass said: “They could have caused a serious injury but fortunately they were spotted before any activity took place on the pitch.

“It was a stupid and dangerous thing to do.”

PCSO Wass revealed broken glass had also appeared on the nearby Centurion Park housing development and police are not ruling out connecting the two incidents.

Again, glass was left in a public area in Centurian Park and could have led to an injury.

PCSO Wass is appealing for witnesses.

Anyone with information can contact him on 07939 312724 or use the force’s 101 number. Police say patrols are continuing in both locations.