Police advise homeowners to ‘light up’ in bid to deter crime

Police news.
Police news.

Police in Horncastle are backing ‘Operation Lighthouse’ - a county wide scheme designed to protect vulnerable premises.

Officers say that a particular property in a street is often targeted because owners have left it in darkness.

They say it can be a particular problem after the clocks changed at the end of British Summertime.

Police have issued several tips to householders including:

*using a timer switch to ensure lights and/or a radio comes on when it becomes dark;

*don’t leave windows open. They create an easy access point;

*cancel deliveries of milk and papers if you are going away;

*do not leave expensive items on view from windows such as computers;

*do not leave spare keys outside. Burglars know all the hiding places and where to look;

*keep rubbish bins in the rear garden and lock away any ladders or garden equipment.

Leaflets promoting the scheme are available from the town’s police station.

*Police have repeated a warning to vehicle owners not to use a lay-by off Boston Road as a short-cut.

Officers have received complaints that the lay-by outside the Factory Shop has been used to avoid delays caused by traffic turning right into the town’s Boston Road industrial Estate.

Officers warn they are stepping up patrols in the area.

*Police are also continuing to patrol the The Wong after recent reports of vandalism at the town’s football club.

Netting and a pitch surround was damaged at the town end of the ground.