Party guest assaulted host and police officer after alleged cocktail of alcohol and cocaine

Court news.
Court news.

The guest at a small social gathering at Roughton Moor came out of the toilet in a ‘belligerent’ mood, possibly induced by taking cocaine, and went on to assault his hosts and a police officer, a court has heard.

Robert John Vernon, 31, of Main Road, Belchford, near Horncastle, admitted assaulting Charlotte Temple, Ben Lambert and PC Gary Young, as well as possessing two grams of cocaine on November 29, when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates Court.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said that Ms Temple had arranged a small gathering at her home address in Roughton Moor, which was attended by Ben Lambert as well as Vernon and his girlfriend.

He said the four had had a good time and that no one was drunk or belligerent until Vernon went to the toilet at around 2am and when he came out he was belligerent and said “Have you got a problem”, spreading his arms out.

Mr Wood said Vernon punched Ms Temple, knocking her down, and then punched her on the head a second time.

He said that he picked up a kettle and swung it around and threw beer cans on the floor causing them to break open.

The police were called and tried to calm him down but Vernon, who had taken off his shirt and whose jeans were starting to fall down, approached the other members of the party again and when PC Young went between him and them, he punched the officer and also punched Mr Lambert on the head.

Mr Wood said that Vernon finally fell over his own clothing and police were able to calm him down when they threatened him with a Taser.

After his arrest, police discovered two wraps of cocaine on him.

“It may well be that that is what affected his change of behaviour,” Mr Wood told the magistrates.

Mitigating, Nicholas Alderson said that it had been a ‘’bizarre situation’.

He said there had been a group of people in a social situation and after a visit to the lavatory his behaviour had changed.

He said that in his interview he told the police he had ‘no recollection’ at all of whatever had occurred.

Mr Alderson said that Vernon did suffer from depression and was prescribed a ‘cocktail of drugs’.

“On this occasions he may have been affected by alcohol and a cocktail of drugs, including the cocaine,” he said.

“His behaviour was certainly inconsistent with what had gone on before,” he said.

The magistrates adjourned for sentencing on February 10 and ordered a report from the Probation Service.