Old Bolingbroke builder fined £13,900 for felling protected trees

Court news.
Court news.

A builder from Old Bolingbroke has been fined for felling two protected trees within the Old Bolingbroke Conservation Area.

Following an investigation by East Lindsey District Council, Terrence Batten of Mill Cottage, Kirkby Hill, Old Bolingbroke, was found to have felled a Holly tree and a Cypress tree that lined the boundary between St Peter and St Paul’s Churchyard and his own building site, off Moat Lane, Old Bolingbroke, without giving council the necessary notification.

Boston Magistrates’ Court imposed a fine and costs totalling £13,900 (£12,000 fine, £700 costs and £1,200 victim surcharge).

The court heard that members of the public and nearby residents were ‘upset and distressed’ at the work carried out by Mr Batten and the impact it had on the churchyard, and had contacted the council to report their concerns.

Following a site visit, Mr Batten was invited to an interview under caution, as carrying out unauthorised works to protected trees is a criminal offence. He declined the invitation but the council decided there was sufficient evidence to prosecute and in court Mr Batten pleaded guilty to offences under section 210 of the Town and Country Planning Act.

Robert Taylor, Arboricultural Officer, said: “In carrying out this work Mr Batten showed a complete disregard for the Conservation Area and the protection this affords trees within it.

“The level of fine reflects that this was a serious breach of the law, causing harm to the character of the area and a great deal of distress to local people.

“The council investigates all unauthorised work to protected trees and this case demonstrates that we will take action where breaches of the law occur.

“Anyone planning to carry out work to trees that may be protected is encouraged to contact the council first for advice.”

Trees within a Conservation Area are protected in the same way as a Tree Preservation Order, but before carrying out work to a Conservation Area tree six weeks notice must be given to the council.