New police team will tackle ‘Fatal Four’

The girl was left with bruising and reddening to the skin.following the assault
The girl was left with bruising and reddening to the skin.following the assault

A new and specially trained team will be out on Lincolnshire’s roads, tasked with tackling some of the main causes of crashes in the county.

The new Safer Roads Team (SRT) has been established to focus on ‘Fatal Four’ enforcement which has long been identified as including four of the main reasons why collisions can happen.

These are drink/drug driving, mobile phone use, excess speed, and not wearing a seatbelt.

The Safer Roads Team consists of a trained unit of 10 Special Constables and two Special Sergeants, who will work alongside EMOpSS colleagues from the Boston and HQ RAPT (Roads Armed Policing Teams).

The team is a first for Lincolnshire, and its officers will operate in unmarked vehicles to target any drivers who commit Fatal Four offences.

Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones said: “The idea to form a trained unit of specials, with traffic policing capabilities, emerged following the Road Safety Summit in Grantham last year.

“As a result of the many meetings I have around the county, and from the response to my recent public opinion survey, it is clear that road safety is an important issue and high priority for residents. This will be an important step in tackling the injury and death toll on our roads.”

Since the start of 2018 there have been 14 deaths on Lincolnshire’s roads which have resulted from 12 collisions, compared with 14 deaths from 13 collisions at this time last year.

Assistant Chief Constable Shaun West backed the idea and said it would give officers more support.