New arrivals for Horncastle Police vow to help reduce crime

Sgt Jacky Barnsley (second right) joins PCSOs Nigel Wass, Iliyana Edwards, Teresa Key, and Nicola Stuchfield.
Sgt Jacky Barnsley (second right) joins PCSOs Nigel Wass, Iliyana Edwards, Teresa Key, and Nicola Stuchfield.

Horncastle’s highly successful Neighbourhood Policing Team has been strengthened by the arrival of four new officers.

The newcomers are headed by Sergeant Jacky Barnsley who will take over control of the team that covers the town and several surrounding villages, including Coningsby and Woodhall Spa.

She has welcomed three new PCSO’s - Teresa Kay, Iliyana Edwards and Toni Goodman.

As well as Horncastle, PCSO Key will also cover Wragby with PCSO Goodman taking responsibility for the Coningsby and Tattershall beat.

Their arrival coincides with another successful year for the team, culminating in one of the lowest ever figures for reported crime in December.

Figures show there were only 21 ‘victims’ of crime in the beat area - and just one report of a public order offence.

The figures reinforce Horncastle’s reputation as one of the safest towns in the county.

Sgt Barnsley, a former student at the town’s Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, said she was determined to help drive crime down even further

She explained: “There’s a great team in Horncastle already doing some outstanding work and I’m proud to be part of it.

“I’m pleased to see crime is at a low level, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work even harder to reduce it even further.

“Just 21 reported crimes in December is impressive, but it is still 21 too many.”

Sgt Barnsley was born and brought up in Horncastle and lives in the area.

She added: “I love the town and I’m very passionate about the area. There’s some wonderful people here and I look forward to meeting them.”

Sgt Barnsley has ‘switched’ from the role of custody officer at Skegness.

She promises the new recruits mean that officers will be seen out-and-about on patrol more.

She has been a serving officer for 12 years and a sergeant for the last five.

PCSO Key also lives in the area and was formerly a ‘special’ constable.

She has worked in the CCTV control room at Boston and said she was excited by her new role.

PCSO Key added: “Horncastle is a really friendly place and I know I’ve joined a friendly police family.

“Everyone has made me feel welcome and I’m also looking forward to getting out and about meeting people.”

PCSO Edwards has been working as a volunteer PCSO, but her move to Horncastle marks her first ‘paid’ role.

She said she was still getting to know the town, having started work last week.

PCSO Edwards added: “There is a very low crime rate in the area but it would be nice to see it drop even lower.

“It’s a beautiful and friendly town.”

The newcomers join established team members PC Dave Mills and PCSOs Nicola Stuchfield, Nigel Wass, and Jad Mohamed.

Their arrival is a major plus for the area at a time when police chiefs are having to look even more closely at budgets in the face of reductions in central Government funding.