‘It’s just mindless vandalism’

Wragby Plant Minders Carole Watts and Eileen Barry who look after the planters
Wragby Plant Minders Carole Watts and Eileen Barry who look after the planters

Parish councillors in Wragby have condemned vandals who destroyed displays of flowers as “mindless.”

The council had paid for and provided six planter which were originally on show in the Market Place.

Because of major roadworks in Wragby, the planters were moved and hung on railings at a mini-roundabout at the junction of Horncastle and Louth Road.

Sadly, four of the planters were damaged and had to be removed.

Volunteers from Wragby Plant Minders are continuing to look after the remaining two planters.

Parish council chairman Steve Wallace said: “It is sad when something like this happens. It is mindless vandalism.

“The planters were set up on railings around the Market Place but needed to be moved because of the roadworks.

“They really brightened the place up and I know the volunteers looking after them are distraught.”

Meanwhile, Mr Wallace said councillors had tremendous sympathy with local businesses who were struggling because of the roadworks.

The problem was highlighted in last week’s News with traders saying they were losing thousands of pounds.

Mr Wallace said councillors understood the financial implications, but believes Wragby would benefit “in the long-term” from the improvements which will feature a new road surface, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

He explained the parish council had held a public forum and sent out questionnaires asking residents to highlight their concerns - and what improvements they would like to see in Wragby.

He revealed one of the main concerns was pedestrian safety.

The roadworks are due to be completed by this Friday.