It’s all smiles for speed sign


Mobile speed signs could be rolled out at recognised ‘hot spots’ in Horncastle after the success of a project in Stanhope Road.

A sign has been in use in Stanhope Road following a number of complaints from residents about speeding vehicles.

They claim the road is being used as a ‘rat run’ by drivers to avoid the traffic lights in the Bull Ring.

The signs display the speed of approaching vehicles and feature a ‘smiley face’ for drivers who are not exceeding the limit. A frown is displayed to drivers over the limit.

PCSO Nigel Wass said the scheme in Stanhope Road appeared to be a success and smiley faces were regularly on view.

Speaking at the monthly town council meeting, PCSO Wass said he thought the sign did help reduce speed. He added there had been a positive reaction from residents to the sign in Stanhope Road.

Asked by councillors, PCSO Wass said speed signs could be used in other areas of the town, to slow traffic down.