Horncastle woman apologises for breaking rehab centre windows

Court News
Court News

A Horncastle woman, angry that she had been refused a methadone prescription, broke two windows at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre Connect in Foundry Street.

Catherine Elizabeth Graham, 35, of Jobson Road, admitted causing damage 
to the windows on September 9, when she appeared 
before Skegness Magistrates Court.

The court heard that at 1pm Graham went to the Connect offices for a repeat methadone prescription to help her control her heroin addiction but she was refused.

She lost her temper, shouted abuse at staff and tried to pull her own hair out, magistrates were told.

She then punched two small windows, breaking them.

When she was seen by the police, she told them she 
had to celebrate a child’s sixth birthday and didn’t want to 
be in withdrawal at that time so she needed her prescription.

She said she had not meant to break the windows and apologised to staff before she left.

Mitigating, Dave Clapham said she accepted her recklessness and had thrashed out and hit the frame, which caused two panes to break.

The magistrates imposed no punishment but ordered her to pay £80 in compensation and £45 towards the costs.