Figures reveal low level of crime in town

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Horncastle continues to be one of the safest places in the emntire county to live, according to latest crime figures for the town.

In January, there were only three reports anti-social behaviour and they related to nuisance neighbours and noise.

There were only two reports of burglaries from properties.

Police did attend seven incidents involving criminal damage.

The largest number of reports concerned trafficx offences (10) and traffic hazards/disruptions (10).

In all there were 101 incidents reported.

In February, there were two reports of sudden deaths, including a woman at a property in Steve Newton Avenue. A post-mortem showed the death was not suspicious.

Police attended three reported burglaries from properties but there were none reported from outbuildings.

There were two drugs offences and four instances of fraud and forgery along with five domestic incidents.

Officers received one complaint regarding begging and two complaints about inconsiderate behaviour.

Again, the largest catergory of incidents retalted to traffic. There were nine traffic offences (including speeding) and 15 instances of traffic hazards/disruption.

That latter figure is likely to increase drmatically this month because of the recent bad weather.

In all, police dealt with 111 incidents in February.

Horncastle PCSO Nigel Wass said the figures were ‘positive’ and added officers would be working to reduce ‘very low crime levels’ even further. He said the figures regarding anti-social behaviour were particularly pleaing.

•Figures have also been released for Wragby which show there were 29 incidents in February but no reports of ASB.