Drugs and alcohol led to Horncastle child neglect case

Court news.
Court news.

Police were called when a mum on a mix of drugs and alcohol “appeared to be insensible” while in charge of her two small children in Horncastle.

The mum (34) was in the grounds of an antiques centre on East Street on February 9 when a witness found her “slumped over”, Boston magistrates heard.

The mum pleaded guilty to a charge of child neglect, on the basis that a combination of drink and drugs had left her unable to protect her children. She also admitted assaulting a policewoman, Rebecca Seagroatt.

Magistrates adjourned sentence to May 13 for a probation report.

Shelley Wilson, prosecuting, said the witness had spoken to the children, one of whom was asking to go home. She tapped the mum on her knee and saw that her eyes appeared unfocused.

Mrs Wilson said the witness called police because she was concerned for the welfare of the children.

She said PC Seagroatt attended and decided the mum appeared to be under the influence of drugs and in no fit state to look after her children.

Mrs Wilson said the mum smelled of alcohol. Drugs paraphernalia, including a scorched spoon and needles, were found in her bag.

An ambulance was called but the mum became aggressive to the paramedics. PC Seagroatt arrested her on suspicion of child neglect but she attempted to bite and head-butt the officer.

Police took the children to “a place of safety” to stay with other family members.

In mitigation, Beris Brickles said his client had pleaded guilty to the neglect charge because she wasn’t in a position to protect her children.