Call for action to stop bus stop ‘drinkers’

The bus stop in the town's Market Place.
The bus stop in the town's Market Place.

Police in Horncastle insist they are tackling complaints about street drinkers intimidating residents in the town’s main bus shelter.

Town councillors heard a complaint from a resident at their monthly meeting last week that two men were drinking and smoking in the shelter - forcing other people to wait outside for a bus.

The resident, who was not named, said: “It’s about time something is done.

“My wife was intimidated three or four weeks ago and it happened again recently when she was told by one of the men to move out of his seat.

“His mate then came up, with a bottle of cider - shaking like a leaf - and told my wife: ‘Can you get out. I want to sit there.’

“Other people waiting for a bus are having to sit outside.

“I am assuming there is no zero tolerance in the town centre to this type of behaviour but if not why not?

“They (these men) are ruining the town and I won’t have my wife intimidated by them.”

PCSO Nigel Wass assured the resident police were aware of the problem.

He said: “Things can be put in place and we are looking at a community protection notice.

“The process is progressing but it does take time.”

The resident said that 
while he welcomed a protection order, ‘some thing needs to be done now.’

He added: “How long are these people being allowed to sit in the shelter drinking and smoking while people 
are waiting in the rain.”

PSCO Wass promised to have an update on the situation in time for January’s town council meeting.

The resident asked why the individuals causing the problem in the shelter could not be ‘moved on.’

PCSO Wass said: “As it stands they can’t be moved on. It depends what they 
are doing. “

The resident replied: “With all due respect, it’s either 
yes or no.”

PCSO Wass replied: “I’m not a politician and it is not as clear as that. They could be waiting for a bus. We are investigating.”

Several councillors backed the call for police action.