Business burglar faces jail after spree

Court news.
Court news.

A sneak-in burglar who targeted a string of business, including Coningsby Pet and Aquatic Store, has been warned to expect jail.

Darren O’Mahoney, 29, admitted carrying out a “spree” of burglaries when he appeared at Lincoln Crown Court.

The offences, at Coningsby and Skegness, took place during a four month period between August Bank Holiday and Boxing Day, the court was told.

During the first burglary on August 28, O’Mahoney admitted stealing £80 from the Coningsby store.

He also pleaded guilty to stealing a wallet and its contents from the club house at Richmond Holiday Camp, stealing £100 from Skegness Working Men’s Club and a handbag from the Sun Hotel.

Over the Christmas period he pleaded guilty to stealing £50 from the Lucky Strike crazy golf course and £160 from Skegness Embassy Centre.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said the Crown Prosecution Service would be withdrawing three other similar offences.

Judge Sean Morris agreed to adjourn sentence on O’Mahoney for a probation report but warned him a jail sentence was inevitable.

“On the face of it I can’t see any other way of dealing with this man except a custodial sentence,” Judge Morris said.

O’Mahoney will be sentenced on February 7.