BREAKING: Lifetime ban from keeping animals and £10,000 bill for former Horncastle mayor and daughter after welfare trial

Pam Crisp Beard arriving at court EMN-141221-165144001
Pam Crisp Beard arriving at court EMN-141221-165144001

A former Mayor of Horncastle and her daughter have received 18-month conditional discharges after being found guilty of six animal welfare offences each.

Pamela Ann Crisp-Beard, 63, and Maria Crisp-Beard, 24, have also both been given a lifetime ban from keeping animals. However, they may appeal this decision after 12-months.

Pamela Ann Crisp-Beard also pleaded guilty to two further charges of having a dog dangerously out of control in a public place, namely Stanhope Road, Horncastle.

She was given an 18-month conditional discharge 
for these offences, and she will also have to pay £10,000 towards RSPCA 
court costs of £36,821.

She was also ordered to pay vets costs of £183 and £156.

Chairman of the Bench, Mr P. Marshall, said they took into account that it was “neglect rather than cruelty.”

Pamela Crisp-Beard told the court: “We love our animals. We always have done. All we have tried to do is look after them.”

The pair were sentenced at Skegness Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday March 10 after being found guilty of six charges following a four day trial in December last year.

The charges related to more than 50 animals which were kept at the 
Crisp-Beard’s home in Linden Road, Horncastle. The pair were found 
guilty of:

*failing to provide a suitable environment for 15 rabbits, a golden pheasant, two guinea pigs, five mice, two rats, a cat, two dogs, four domestic ducks, a goose and 22 chickens;

*failing to provide an appropriate diet for ten rabbits, two rats, two guinea pigs, and five mice;

*failing to provide fresh drinking water for 15 rabbits and five mice

*failing to allow a golden pheasant to display normal behaviour patterns;

*failing to maintain a rabbit in an appropriate body condition;

*failing to provide necessary veterinary care and attention for two rabbits suffering from 
rabbit scalding.

During the trial, it emerged an RSPCA inspector first visited the Crisp-Beard’s home in January 2014. The inspector raised several 
concerns and returned with a colleague, after 
which five warning notices were issued.

The inspectors returned two weeks later with two police officers and called in a vet, Annalise Leslie. She ordered the animals to be seized.

Pamela Ann Crisp-Beard was Mayor of Horncastle between 1997 
and 1998.