Councillors to consider ideas to enhance Horncastle


Councillors in Horncastle have produced a raft of suggestions which they believe will enhance the appeal of the town to residents and visitors.

The Town Council will hold an extraordinary meeting next Tuesday (October 31) to debate the various ideas.

Those taken on will be included in a Forward Plan, designed to improve Horncastle as a place to live and work - and as a tourist destinations.

The ideas range from simple DIY projects like improving the condition of railings, to more ambitious schemes like a skate park and a heritage centre.

The council stresses not all the ideas will be taken forward but is keen for input from the public.

The list has been drawn up following discussions with residents and local groups and organisations.

Members of the public will have the chance to comment during a 15 minute session which will be held at 7pm - before the start of the Town Council meeting at Stanhope Hall.

At the moment, projects have been divided into three categories - small, medium and large.

Most of the projects would need to be supported by fundraising, rather than money coming solely from the town council.

Other suggestions include animal sculptures which would be placed in the pens at the former Cattle Market near The Wong.

Earlier this year, only a handful of people turned up to discuss the Forward Plan and it was put on the back burner.

Now, the council is determined to press ahead and is hoping for more support.


•Refurbish existing street furniture – benches, litter bins, notice boards

•Clean railings on the Tesco bridge

•Refurbish the Wharf Rd railings – sand and paint

•Signs/plaques for the Town Council owned benches

•Maps of the town in key visitor places

•Increase the number of planters in the town

•More benches in green spaces

•Bulb/perennial planting in key areas/town entrances

•Visitor guide for Horncastle

•Erect bridge for walkers to Banovallum Carr

•Improve the appearance of the pump on Boston Rd, including new fencing


(Can be completed in 6-12 months; may need fundraising or allocated budget funding).

•Bicycle racks at town entrances from the Spa trail and Viking Way

•Improved pedestrian signposts in the town

•Animal statues to go in the old cattle market pens

•Enhance the river banks and basin by cleaning/ planting/ benches/picnic areas

•Renovate the Old Courthouse triangle monument


(Would usually take over 12 months; need fundraising or allocated budget funding).

•Footpath installed along Tesco side of the River Bain

•Create a nature trail around the town

•Develop a green wheel

•Build a skate park

•Create a recreation area for older children/teenagers

•Build a heritage centre

•Digitise the cemetery and burial administration

•Enhancing Bain Valley Park

•Rebuilding Coronation Walk riverside towpath

•Create footpath including proposed bridge from Waterloo estate into town, to include disabled access