Council wants foul patrols - and offenders could face court action

Dog fouling patrols are being called for in Horncastle EMN-141117-101242001
Dog fouling patrols are being called for in Horncastle EMN-141117-101242001
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Councillors in Horncastle are calling for stronger action to be taken against dog owners who allow their pets to foul in public.

At a meeting last week, councillors agreed there was an on-going issue with dog mess in certain areas of the town.

They decided to contact East Lindsey District Council to ask if dog wardens could step up their patrols.

And the town’s police - who were at the council meeting - said they were aware of the problem and urged to the public to come forward and report any instances of dog fouling.

PC Dave Mills, beat manager for Horncastle, said a resident “living out in the sticks” had recently been prosecuted for allowing their dog to foul in a public place.

He stressed that the issue was a matter for the District Council but confirmed police would take action and pass on any information they received.

PCSO Nigel Wass told councillors they often worked alongside ELDC’s dog wardens and were aware of recognised ‘hot spots.’

Coun Martin said she had received complaints from residents about dog mess on pavements close to one of the town’s schools. Councillor Martin added dog fouling was an “ongoing” issue in the town.

Her views were supported by fellow councillors. Others areas mentioned were Mill Lane and Linden Road.

Coun Martin added: “The vast majority of dog owners are responsible.

“Once again, though, we are talking about a small minority who are spoiling it for the rest.”

PCSO Wass said they were aware of the problem close to the school and there has been suggestions about the owner of the dog responsible.

He added: “We will take action, but we need people to come forward and report any incidents they have seen.”

Coun Maurice Lamb suggested ELDC’s dog wardens would stand a better chance of spotting offenders - if they patrolled in less obviously marked vans. He said: “People know they are about. It’s ridiculous.”

Coun Lamb added when he had reported an issue with dog mess, the council has sent ‘two blokes’ in a pick-up to clear it.


Council orders

All district councils have Control Orders in place to deal with dog fouling, dog on lead requirements and dog exclusion areas.

Fixed penalties

Any offences can incur a fixed penalty notice. The current level of fine is £75. If offenders do not pay within 14 days, the case could be referred to Magistrates Courts. Councils do encourage reports of dog fouling.