Council set to reverse decision on library cuts

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Lincolnshire County Council could bow to public pressure and scrap plans to slash the opening hours of Horncastle Library.

The News understands the county council is under pressure to reverse a controversial decision to cut the library’s opening hours from 40 to 25 a week.

The proposal is part of a county-wide scheme of cutbacks, designed to save the county council around £2m a year.

While opening hours would be reduced at some libraries, others face closure - including Wragby and Coningsby/Tattershall.

However, the plan led to storms of protests with more than 100 people attending a public meeting in Horncastle.

That was part of a public consultation process which led to 8,000 views from across Lincolnshire - with the vast majority of people against any changes.

Sources have indicated the county council could ‘think again’ about Horncastle library although nothing officially has been announced.

All county councillors will attend a meeting in Lincoln on Friday to be briefed about the results of the public consultation.

County Councillor Bill Aron, who represents Horncastle, said he was ‘hopeful’ the initial decision regarding Horncastle would be re-thought.

He praised campaigners who, he added, had made a strong case against the cuts.

It’s likely to be next month before the council announces any definite plans.

Julie Maxwell, a regular visitor to Horncastle Library, said: “If it is the case that the cuts will reversed, it shows what public pressure can do.

“I use the library and so do my children. I don’t know what they’d do if it wasn’t open after school hours.”