Council criticised over ‘bodge job’ in Horncastle

Wharf Road
Wharf Road

Lincolnshire County Council has been accused of ‘wasting public money’ after what has been described as a ‘bodge job’ in Horncastle

Resident Andrew Neal says people have been waiting three years for repairs to parking bays on Wharf Road.

However, Mr Neal has slammed the standard of the work and sent the News a photograph to support his claims.

In a statement, the county council says the work has still to be completed.

Mr Neal said: “Everyone is against LCC Highways wasting public money. Consequently, I’m sure people will be interested in the debacle that has taken place in Horncastle.

“We have waited three years for the parking bays in Wharf Road to be resurfaced due to excessive erosion. Imagine my dismay to witness the bodge job that took place. None of the existing surface was cut out and prepared. ‘Tarmac’ has been laid in a haphazard manner and then rolled. The edges have not been sealed and so are loose and already pulling away.”

The local highways manager said: “This job isn’t finished yet. However, we need to give the patching time to settle before we can tackle the next stage. This will involve sealing and surfacing the area with a hand-applied treatment. The end result will look much tidier.”