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Coningsby EMN-150411-080905001

Doctor’s decades and council report

Surgery - Last month, Dr Amos Ramon received not one but two surprises when presented with two cakes from different sources celebrating his 20 years at Coningsby surgery.

He was delighted with his cakes and thanked his colleagues, the staff and above all the patients for their support.

Dr Ramon joined the practise as a junior partner to Dr Simon Loughe on October 16, 1995.

Dr Anne Thompson joined him about 14 years ago, at the time when the surgery moved to Silver Street and became the New Coningsby Surgery.

Nearly 10 years ago, Dr Loughe left and Dr Ramon has since been the only partner in the surgery.

Donington on Bain

Parish council - During the public session of the parish council meeting, concern was expressed about the gap in the hedge of the allotment field, which marked the boundary of the parish land, made by people gaining access to the public footpath on the other side.

It was pointed out that temporary repairs to the damage had cost the council considerable expense, only for it to be opened up again.

The matter had been reported to the police, with permanent fencing set to be installed.

The chairman reported that he had spoken to the landowners, as agreed at the last meeting, and had met with the PCSO.

There had been no reply to the letter from the parish council to the village church committee regarding the unsafe memorials.

It was reported that the diocesan adviser, who had volunteered to help the council regarding work on the wall, had not yet responded to the documents forwarded to him as requested.

The village football club was to cut the grass, although this had been delayed due to a difficult harvest.

It was to pay the rent for the second year as there was a possibility a team may be formed again, although it had been too late to sign up for the league for this season.

If there was no team, it would move the shed at the end of the contract to avoid a business rate demand.

The chairman said he would be willing to attend area forums on specific topics if they were of interest to the parish, in answer to a request from East Lindsey District Council as it was making investigations with the aim of replacing the area committees which have never worked satisfactorily.

Jackie Scutt had attended a training day at Langworth and reported on the advice given on weekly volunteer inspections on recreational areas, with suggestions she was making for improvements to the way they were undertaken.

The tutor had said the sites should be as safe as necessary, not as safe as possible.

There was a need for more volunteers as there were still only five councillors and not all were willing to join the rota.