Community effort sees Horncastle tree up in lights

Horncastle's Christmas tree arrives in style
Horncastle's Christmas tree arrives in style

Horncastle town centre’s Christmas tree is in place - after a real community effort.

The project is co-ordinated by the Horncastle Lions.

However, they rely on help from local businesses.

The tree was felled at the Scrivelsby Estate.

It was then ferried into Horncastle on the back of a truck owned by businessman Richard Moore.

He also supplied the ‘cherry picker’ to help Lions’ volunteers trim the tree - and reach the very top branches.

The tree is in place outside Heron Foods who supply the electricity to run the lights.

Lions spokesman Bob Wayne said: “There is so much hard work goes into this every year.

“People probably think the tree just appears by magic but that is far from the case.

“We are always grateful to Scrivelsby Estate who donate the tree.

“And, in particular, we are very grateful to Richard (Moore) for all his help.

“It’s his lorry which brings the tree from Scrivelsby to the town centre.

“Then, as soon as the tree is off the lorry, he’s back with the cherry picker.

“We really couldn’t do it without all that help so a big thanks to everyone involved.

“However, it is worthwhile because the tree is such a familiar part of Christmas in Horncastle.”

And, the 2014 version has already got the thumbs up.

Lizzie Taylor, 4, said she thought the tree looked ‘fantastic’.

Six year-old sister Isabella said: “I’d love a tree like this at home but it might not fit in the room.”