Chance to meet county police boss in town

Alan Hardwick EMN-151221-105945001
Alan Hardwick EMN-151221-105945001
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People in Horncastle and Wragby will have the chance to quiz Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime commissioner Alan Hardwick later this month.

Mr Hardwick will attend two sessions organised by Horncastle’s Neighbourhood Police team on January 19.

The first will be a ‘Come and Spill the Beanz’ event at Jof’s Coffee House from 10-11am and Mr Hardwick will then attend a Community Tea at Wragby from 11.30am-12.30pm.

Both sessions are open to the public and Mr Hardwick is keen to hear feedback on what people think about policing in the area, particularly as the force battles on-going cuts on Government funding.

The ‘Come and Spill the Beanz’ sessions have proved popular and enable people to bring matters to the attention of police in a less formal atmosphere. Set up by town PCSO Nigel Wass - with the support of coffee shop owner Jonathan Ferrari - the sessions have led to important feedback.

Mr Hardwick has praised the initiative and is keen to see similar events at other locations across Lincolnshire.