Caring Katie from Bardney is worthy winner of youth shield

Youth Shield winner Katie White EMN-151016-151255001
Youth Shield winner Katie White EMN-151016-151255001

Katie White really is a model citizen and now she has a trophy to prove it.

Katie has received the Youth Shield, awarded by the Bardney Development Trust to a person under the age of 18 who has made a positive difference to their community.

For the last two years, Katie has been an apprentice at Bardney Playgroup, where she proved she would go above and beyond her normal duties.

As part of her course, she had to take responsibility for a child and was appointed to work with Ernie, whose mother, Kim Dove, nominated Katie for the award.

Kim said: “When he started [playgroup], Ernie was very reluctant to speak but, with perseverance and patience beyond her years, Katie slowly gained his trust.

“Ernie now speaks confidently to other children and adults.

“I think Katie deserves the shield because of her work with Ernie and all the other children at Bardney Playgroup who she has helped and inspired.”

Previous winners include Holly Cooke, who raised hundreds of pounds for charity, and Elliot Broddle, who took part in the World Challenge, raising funds to travel to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, to teach local children English and assist in putting in a water supply pipeline.

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