By George - he’s gone and done it!

George Chester EMN-141208-095936001
George Chester EMN-141208-095936001

A Horncastle pensioner is claiming victory in his dispute with Boston Borough Council over a controversial parking ticket.

George Chester, a 94-year-old Second World War hero, had vowed to go to jail, rather than pay a £35 parking fine.

Mr Chester, of Mareham Road, claims he wasn’t even in Boston at the time the ticket was issued.

It is understood his initial appeals failed but the Borough Council has now written to him, saying they accept his explanation and have cancelled the ticket.

Mr Chester said he was delighted with the decision and immediately thanked the Horncastle News for highlighting his case.

The U-turn by the council means there still isn’t a blemish on Mr Chester’s driving licence, which was first issued in 1958.

He said: “I feel totally justified in what I’ve done.

“It was never about the money. It was about them believing me and admitting they had made a mistake.

“I’m just glad it is all over and that they accept what I’ve been saying all along is true.

“It shouldn’t really have got to this but they picked on the wrong man to bully.

“I would have gone to jail, but there’s no need to worry about that now.”

The ticket was issued when Mr Chester parked outside Boston Bus Station while he dropped off an elderly neighbour.

The time on the ticket clearly showed 12.54pm - when Mr Chester claims he was still in Horncastle, 20 miles away.

He had several witnesses and the town’s former mayor and district councillor Fiona Martin was one of many people who supported him.

Mr Chester’s defence was based around a bus ticket which showed his neighbour caught a bus from Boston at 1.54pm.

Mr Chester added: “If what the Borough Council had said was right, I’d have been parked there for an hour. I was there for two or three minutes.”

Mr Chester went on to thank everyone who had backed him, especially Coun Martin.

He added: “People read about it in the Horncastle News and kept coming up to saying: ‘Keep going George - don’t give in.’”

He said he was concerned other parking tickets may have been incorrect.

Mr Chester added: “All this isn’t going to put me off driving, although I might not go to Boston again. If I do, I’ll go on the bus!”

The letter from the council states: “As you have provided a copy of the bus ticket showing the date and time purchased on May 15 at 13.54, which has confirmed the penalty charge notice was issued with the incorrect time, I am pleased to inform your that your explanation has been accepted and the penalty charge notice has now been cancelled. However, I must advise you that the Penalty Charge Notice was issued for a valid reason.”